Fire Equipment Servicing

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    As the risk of fire is always there, your fire detection systems need to be ready to perform when you need them most.

    When was the last time the equipment in your building was serviced? Contact the Maintenance Department now to arrange a site assessment.

    Extinguisher servicing

    This section includes powder extraction equipment, clamping devices, lamps, kits, scales, storage cases, trolleys, sandboxes, buckets, shovels, break-glass cabinet, key boxes, cabinets, accessories for fire extinguishers, pliers, signs, and seals.

    Fire Hose Servicing

    The hose shall be inspected and service tested annually as per Standards for the Inspection, Care, and Use of Fire Hose, Couplings, and Nozzles and the Service Testing of Fire Hose

    Fire Hose Reel Servicing

    The hose reels are fully unwound and subjected to normal operating pressure. The integrity of the drum gland nuts and internal operating valve are checked, together with the condition of the hose and valves/nozzles. After the service, the pressure is released and the hose reel is rewound.

    First Aid Kit Servicing

    • Service includes: cleaning, checking expiration dates, restocking and replacing approved items as needed
    • Provide monthly usage reports per kit, per location
    • Stock only items approved based on requirement

    Emergency Lighting Servicing

    Almost all buildings require exit and emergency lighting. These battery-backed lights activate automatically to illuminate exit corridors when a building loses power. These devices must be tested annually to ensure the battery is charged and capable during an emergency situation. Fire Systems technicians can inspect, test, repair, and replace exit and emergency lighting devices while performing other fire protection inspections.

    Sprinkler Systems & Fire Pump Sets

    Don’t neglect the cornerstone of your facility’s fire & life safety system, Fire pumps play a vital role in supplying water pressure to sprinkler systems throughout a facility. A comprehensive preventive fire pump maintenance program will increase the reliability of the system as well as reduce or eliminate costly repairs.

    • Engine maintenance
    • Battery maintenance
    • Fuel supply maintenance
    • Temperature maintenance
    • Fire pump controller service
    • Emergency service

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