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Making sure buildings are free from fire hazards isn’t just common sense – it’s the law. As building owners and commercial tenants you have a responsibility to fulfill certain requirements

Fire Department conducts inspections of the commercial occupancies (businesses, schools, institutions, apartment buildings, etc.) to ensure that conditions at those properties are in compliance with the Australia Fire Code.

To help you understand your responsibilities, our fire service has created a checklist for the fire inspection.

The Checklist is devised for the general use of building owners/occupiers. The items for inspection are common but essential on fire safety

  1. Combustible and Flammable Material Storage
    1. Combustible materials (cardboard, paper, plastics, kerosene, paint, etc.) shall not be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms or electrical equipment rooms.
    2. Compressed gas containers, cylinders and tanks shall be secured to prevent falling.
    3. Flammable materials (gasoline, propane, alcohol, etc.) shall not be stored indoors. Including fuel tanks of motorcycles, lawn-care equipment or cooking equipment, etc.
  2. Exits
    1. Exit ways and doors shall not be visually or physically obstructed.
    2. Exit signs shall be illuminated.
    3. Fire doors, smoke dampers and other fire resistance barriers and assemblies shall not be modified or otherwise impaired from the proper operation at any time.
  3. Fire Protection Systems Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
    1. Records of all fire protection system inspections, tests and maintenance shall be kept on the premises.
    2. Sprinkler and fire alarm system shall be serviced annually.
    3. Private hydrants shall be inspected and flow tested annually.
    4. Emergency lighting shall be tested every six months.
  4. Building Maintenance
    1. All private hydrants, fire lanes, fire department connections (FDC) and control valves shall be clear, visible and unobstructed, including snow removal.
    2. Occupant load signs must be legible, permanent and posted in conspicuous location.
    3. Door Labels are required for rooms containing Electrical, Furnace, Sprinkler, Mechanical and/or Generator equipment.
  5. Electrical
    1. All Electrical Boxes shall be properly covered.
    2. “Power strips” cords shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings, nor be subject to environmental or physical damage.
    3. Extension cords, Multi-plug adapters and flexible cords shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring.
  6. Portable Fire Extinguishers
    1. A minimum of one 2A-10:BC portable fire extinguisher shall be provided within 75 feet of travel distance from anywhere in the business on each floor.
    2. Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed and shall be in a conspicuous location.
    3. Fire extinguisher shall be mounted on wall with hanger at least 4” above the floor and no more than 60” above the floor.
    4. When visually obstructed, an approved means shall be provided to indicate location.

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