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We are #1 suppliers of fire equipments for real estate in Cranbourne, we supply smoke alarms, extinguishers and other fire safety products for all types of constructions like companies,industries,real estate


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    Pyro Tech the Preferred Smoke Alarm Suppliers for Real Estate
    We are #1 suppliers of fire equipments for real estate in Cranbourne, we supply smoke alarms, extinguishers and other fire safety products for all types of constructions like companies,industries,real estate etc.

    Our expertise and licensed professionals will installs the alarms, extinguishers and other fire safety components at recommended appropriate locations and always available to fix any type of issues faced by all our fire safety products.

    Fire equipment in Rental Properties of Real Estate in Cranbourne

    1. Advise the property manager/owner if there is any issue with the alarm (apart from batteries)
    2. Test and clean smoke alarms and replace any flat or nearly flat batteries within 30 days before the start or renewal of a tenancy.
    3. Landlords of Cranbourne are responsible for supplying the fire equipments and for their installation. You will also be required to install a new battery for each smoke alarm and check all the fire equipments, at the commencement of each new tenancy.
    4. The tenant is not responsible for the replacement of batteries in ‘hard-wired’ smoke alarm systems that have battery back-up. This is the responsibility of the landlord.

    Choosing a Smoke Alarm for Real Estate
    There are two different types of smoke alarms are available

    1. Photo-electric alarms
    2. Lonisation alarms

    Photo-electric smoke alarms consist of a light emitting diode and a light sensitive sensor in the sensing chamber. These alarms are more preferable as they detect smoke from the light emitted from smoke particles.  
    Interconnectable smoke alarms can be set up in a network where if one smoke alarm is activated, all other smoke alarms on the same network will also activate. These alarms are used for large houses or companies

    Installation Locations

    Locations to install a smoke alarms are:

    1. Install a smoke alarm in each bedroom, hallway and living area.
    2. Smoke alarms should be located in the centre of the ceiling.
    3. Avoid installing smoke alarms too close to air conditioners, heaters, fans and similar devices, because these might affect the performance of your smoke alarms.
    4. All paths of travel between sleeping areas and exits to the open air.
    5. If house is with more than one level, install a smoke alarm on the ceiling at the head of the stairway connecting the levels.

    Smoke Alarm Maintenance in Real Estate

    Main role in using a smoke alarm is maintaining them.

    1. In real  estate a regular maintenance inspection of all the fire equipment must be done.
    2. Regular testing (not less than once per month) to ensure the battery and the alarm sounder are operating.
    3. Replacing batteries annually, where appropriate. Use the battery type suggested by the manufacturers.
    4. Clean the alarms with a vacuum cleaner.

    Prevent False Alarms

    Smoke alarms are very sensitive and may detect smoke, heat and moisture created by common household activities.
    To avoid false alarms smoke alarm should not be located near:

    1. Cooking appliances or stove tops
    2. Doorways to bathrooms and laundries or other damp and humid areas
    3. Water heaters, space heaters or fireplaces
    4. Heating and cooling duct outlets, ceiling fans, doors and windows as excessive air movement may prevent smoke from reaching the smoke alarm
    5. Fluorescent light fittings to avoid the effect of electrical noise or flickering lights
    6. Doorways and windows where barbecues and incinerators are located

    Extinguisher installation

    Installation and Commissioning should always be carried out by a fire extinguisher service engineers if the extinguishers are required for real estate. This ensures that the extinguishers are installed in the correct location.
    We get extinguishers in 2 different weights

    1. A total gross mass of 4kg
    2. A total gross mass of less than 4kg

    They are mounted on different heights based on their weights
    The Extinguishers weight more than 4 kg are mounted 1 meter above the ground and extinguishers less than 4 kg are mounted  at 1.5 meters from ground

    Extinguisher maintenance and servicing

    Fire extinguishers are single-use products. They need to be refilled after using for one time. All the people must note that even for not using for long time they get expired so check whether they are in working condition frequently else check with a professional.

    Types of extinguishers

    There are different types of fire extinguishers available that are used in real estate, in real estate these are used based on different surfaces of fire like

    1. Water
      Mostly used to put off fire on carpets or any clothes, not used in liquid surfaces
    2. Foam
      Works effectively on wood and liquids like petrol but not for electricals.
    3. CO2
      Works with liquids and electricals but not on kitchen fats.
    4. Dry powder
      This is widely used to put off all the types of flames on different surfaces but used in different models devices.
    5. Wet chemical
      Best extinguisher for cooking fat flames but dangerous when got into contact with electricals

    These extinguishers in real estate are used based on their environment and location they used

    Fire Audit for Real Estate

    The audits are structured in accordance with Australian Standard 4655 – 2005. They are used to check the current adequacy of components, measure compliance with statutory requirements, part of due diligence audit reporting, pre-purchase or sale appraisal, risk management and mitigation and insurance assessment to provide a safe workplace.
    Evidence that the following have been tested by a competent person:- Fire detection and warning system; Emergency lighting; Sprinkler System; Ventilation System; Fire fighting equipment; Electrical wiring in the building; Portable appliance testing.

    Fire Inspections in Real Estate

    Making sure buildings are free from fire hazards isn’t just common sense – it’s the law. As building owners and commercial tenants you have a responsibility to fulfill certain requirements
    Fire Protection Systems Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

    1. Records of all fire protection system inspections, tests and maintenance shall be kept on the premises.
    2. Sprinkler and fire alarm system shall be serviced annually.
    3. Private hydrants shall be inspected and flow tested annually.
    4. Emergency lighting shall be tested every six months.

    How to use

    After equipping main locations in your home with extinguishers that each family member is aware of their locations and that they are readily accessible.
    Always use extinguishers on small fires never fight with large flames.

    Why Pyro Tech?

    Fast and reliable service from an experienced and friendly company. We know the industry, we go above and beyond to make your business safe, and up to date to current Fire Codes in the Cranbourne region.
    Professional and quality service as required under the Essential Services provisions.
    We are Certified by FPA Fire Protection Association Certificate II Asset Maintenance (Fire Protection Equipment), National Recognised Training in the Cranbourne region.

    Locations Serviced, Cranbourne

    Note: If you are not located in the Cranbourne region, please do not hesitate to contact us to come to an alternative arrangement.

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    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Pyro Tech Fire are #1 suppliers of fire equipments for real estate in Cranbourne, supplies fire safety products for all types of constructions like companies,industries,real estate

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